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Tonos You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo

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You Can't Stop Me - Andy Mineo Tonos:

You can't stop me
Huh, can't stop won't stop, where the brakes at?
I give 'em that bee bop, like take that, take that, take that, take that
I'mma put in work, I'mma do that ASAP
Throw my faith in rap, but they say don't say that huh?
What I'mma turn down for, I feel like Shaq in nine four
Breaking glass in that backboard, or like Kobe in Toronto, huh?
Dropping eighty-one, yo I drop the eighty-eight, Ricky Bobby, shake and bake
Sleeping on us should have stayed awake, huh?
Everybody make mistakes like VJ's trying to say my name
It's Mineo, say it with me, Mineo, okay great
Two forks high, raise the stakes, risk it all, I take the hate
It's the winning team, get the Gatorade
My God good, but he's not safe, nah

You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo
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